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A Rock Concert Fantasy

My name is Roman Tytla. I'm an entrepreneur, recording artist and graphic designer. Back in high school, my first band Exitz, without any musical mentoring or help, managed to put on a successful rock concert in our school's auditorium. Our dads helped build props and lights, our girlfriends helped with the promotion and dressed us up for the show (even make up), and our friends helped backstage. It was truly a life-changing experience for everyone involved. Best of all, we didn't just stand there and play, we rocked it and put on a show!

This experience was the fuel that inspired the vision. It came almost three years ago when friends of my two teenaged boys were visiting my home and started skillfully playing the instruments in my home recording studio.

Assuming that every high school in the USA had at least one group of kids that played in a band, I asked them if they played with anyone else. Their answer was "no". No!?!? I was surprised to learn that there were no local teen rock bands in our small semi-rural town. As someone who LOVES music, has been the leader of several rock bands, and lucky enough to have learned from accomplished "rock star" musicians, I decided I'd play the role of the Jack Black character in the motion picture School of Rock and make something happen. I approached the school's principal and proposed that I volunteer to direct an after-school rock show program, with the ultimate goal of putting on a real live rock concert. The principal enthusiastically agreed, resulting in the 2013 and 2014 Rock Star Dream Shows! (formerly Rock Star Fantasy show)

The concerts turned out to be huge successes and many parents, students, and faculty have urged me to not only continue the program, but to "take it on the road" and offer a similar program to other schools. I now present to you the ultimate after-school experience!


The show takes on a personality that's based on the number of interested students along with the instruments and skill sets they each bring to the table. Although we definitely look for the standard rock core (guitar players, bass players, and drummers), we also welcome any other instruments to join in. There are usually two bands and the students are encouraged to root for each other. ALL students are welcomed, regardless of instrument or skill level.  The only mandatory requirements are a natural sense of rhythm and the guts to perform before a live audience.

Unplugged "Real Rock Star" Intermission Jam
We incorporate a brief "unplugged" adult performance with special "real rock star" guests between each student performance. For the past few years, Survivor lead singer Dave Bickler has joined us on stage, along with other accomplished musicians who live in the tri-state area. The unplugged segment has been a favorite of the "grownups" in the audience and adds interest and variety to the show.

Finale and Encore
Finishing the night off with a bang, ALL the students perform together for the finale and encore songs. Immediately after, the students head up front to the Meet & Greet tables where they interact with the fans, sign autographs and pose for pictures with family, friends, and fans.


2014 Finale and Encore Performances

2014 Unplugged Performance featuring (left to right): School band teacher Steve Austin, drummer Ray Karaman,
Gene Moore of Monster, Survivor singer Dave Bickler, Otto David of Monster, and director Roman Tytla

2013 and 2014 Meet & Greet Tables - Fans get up close with the rock stars for autographs and photos

Imagine if you could make a group of kids feel like rock stars
for a night!
Imagine if you could get them to feel the excitement and exhilaration of being part of a team that creates the magic of a live rock performance - the music, special effects, light show, sound, backstage VIP area, even a fan meet & greet table - all the elements that make for an unforgettable rock & roll experience. Now there's a program that makes it a reality, whether it's onstage or backstage!

The Vision

The Show

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