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An Intense Four Week Program
(Program duration can be altered and customized to accomodate other school activities)


PHASE 1 - Introduction
(to be completed prior to start of program)

Promotional posters (included) are displayed throughout the
school one month prior to start of program.

Separate introductory meetings for students and parents.

- Students show the director what they can do. ALL students are
welcomed, regardless of instrument or skill level. The only
mandatory requirements are a natural sense of rhythm and the
guts to
perform before a live audience.

PHASE 2 - Rehearsals (program officially begins)
Students are assigned to individual bands and rehearsal
schedules are created with the advise and consent of parents
and school faculty. Generally 4X per week and more
as showtime approaches.

Banner and other promotional materials are produced
and distributed.

NOTE: This program does NOT provide
individual music lessons.

We primarily teach students how to work together as a band and perform on-stage. Students are expected to learn their parts at home and come to rehearsal prepared to play. Independent music lessons (outside of program) are strongly encouraged during the process.

Song selections are chosen by the director and are tailored to
each band's individual capabilities and personality.

PHASE 3 - Dress Rehearsals and Concert
Students work on their stage presence and musicianship,
preferably in the venue itself (auditorium/gymnasium).

Rehearsals are extended into the evening for the three
days leading up to the show.

Design and produce programs and concert promotional materials.

Lighting and sound crews are brought in 2-3 days before the
show for setup and test runs during dress rehearsals. Light crew
coordinates with in-house lights and spot light volunteers.

Coordinate with parent volunteers and PTA to create backstage
VIP area, meet & greet table, and concessions.



What's Included?
Separate on-site introductory meetings for parents and students


Promo Banner

Promo Poster

Recruitment Poster

Show Program

Evaluations Promotions Band pictures Professional sound and lighting with crew

1.5-2 hour rehearsals 4X per week and extended final week dress rehearsals before show

Custom-branded design & printing of promotional posters, banners, t-shirts and flyers

Special guest “real rock star” and/or professional musician unplugged
intermission performance (school music teachers are encouraged to participate) and MORE...

What does the school
need to provide?

What do the parents
need to provide?

Venue (auditorium/gymnasium)
with access to in-house
lighting and sound

Rehearsal space/room

Secure storage room for bulk equipment 
(drums, amplifiers, etc.)

Overall support of staff, faculty, parents,
and PTA

Student instruments and all supporting equipment (cables, extension cords, 
amplifiers, cables, etc.)

Music lessons (recommended)

A commitment to help and
support the program

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